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Dear Colleaques,

It is our great honor and pleasure to invite you to attend to 3rd International Conference on Governance and Accountability (ICGA) and 5th International Conference on Governance Fraud Ethics and CSR, that will be jointly hosted at Trakya University Balkan Convention Center on Sep 23-26, 2014.

After Brutland Report, sustainability, has become one of the top and growing issue in business which is also accepted as a new management system in business world. Till today, many studies have proved that sustainability helps companies to increase their firm value in the long time. "Being sustainable company" which means "survival in business" is a necessity for all kinds of enterprises, from micro to public listed ones. Recently, company managements and governments look sustainability as a pill against to many problems like environmental disaster, global warning, resource depletion, lack of energy and pollution.

However, being sustainable or maintaining sustainability is not easy because it needs to be supported by  board, executive management, staff and other stakeholders continuously. Additionally, it brings additional costs to companies such as hiring trained staff, organizing continuous training in the company, publishing sustainability reports and subscribing in a rating system. Additionally sustainability needs to be nourished not only by companies' boards but also by all departments like accounting, marketing, human resources and others. In other words, all of the departments have to support it equally.

For Edirne Conference; "Sustainable Business Practices: Ethics, Environment, Social and Governance (EESG)" has been selected as the main theme.

The objective of Edirne Conference is to bring worldwide elite researchers, academicians and  practitioners together in discussion of recent development in conference issues on sustainability, accountability, governance, fraud examination and business ethics.

During conference days, participants will find opportunity to meet with distinguished speakers around the world and publish their presentations in special volumes of indexed journals.

Conference City, Edirne... The city's role for almost 100 years as capital of the Ottoman Empire accounts for its many historically and architecturally important buildings. She is the starting point of Europe and Balkan area; Trakya University is leader in Balkan region.... Selimiye Mosque and its Social Complex is in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site. After conference participants are invited to attend city tour to taste delicious Edirne food and to visit most important places of Edirne.


President - International Group on Governance Fraud Ethics and CSR

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